At Redemption, we love our youth. In fact, we love them so much, we bring them into the service with us and have them clean up afterwards! Now, you may be wondering how that could possibly be a sign of love ... far too many youth go their entire young lives never learning to go to church, famlies never worshipping together. For many youth, church is a youth group. College is a youth group. By time they get out, they have no desire to attend church because they never have. We believe it is important for our youth to be part of the body of the church and to be with their family. Why do they help after the service in tearing down and cleaning up? It builds community, and it pulls the youth into being part of the church. It is not the way many churches do it right now. But we think it is invaluable to have these elements as part of their growth in the Christian faith and long term committment to Christ.


Following the service, our youth gather together for a time of discussion, fellowship and often lunch. Sometimes that is in the offices and sometimes it at homes of parents. They are a wonderful group of kids who are real, honest and are seeking to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. We would love to get connected with your youth.