What Is    

If you can imagine all the beauty of ancient church practices combined with passionate, relevant teaching from Scripture and contemporary expressions and applications to life -- that is what an Anglican service is like.


It is a home for people seeking something different, something more connected to the past without feeling old, a place where reverence is valued and slowing down is appreciated. An Anglican service is not like everything else in our life. It is different. It helps remind us we are citizens of the age to come.

The Anglican church has become a home for many mixed denominational marriages. Where does a couple go to church when she was raised Protestant and he Catholic? After years of searching, many have found a home in Anglicanism. Why? Our style is Catholic, while our theology is Protestant. It is a beautiful blend.


Many of us at Redemption came into Anglicanism from other traditions. We came because we discovered a rich depth in Anglican worship that connected us to the past, challenged us in beautiful ways in our relationship with God, gave us a firm, time-tested means of living out spirituality and offered something fresh that felt real and full. Each of us had to learn and is still learning the heart of Anglican worship. 

If you have more questions , please email Fr. Jason+. He would love to buy you a cup of coffee or even come visit you in your home and talk with you more about Anglican worship or life!