New To Redemption?

Welcome! Thank you for taking time out of what is likely a busy life to explore Redemption Church. Here are a few brief things about us followed by simple service information.


We are an Anglican Church, which means the Scripture is our foundation, but we are also rooted deeply in the history of Christianity. We love God's Word, and we have found great value in the ancient practices of the church that have been passed down through the ages.


We have no amazing stage lights or digital screens to project anything on. There are other churches doing a great job with those things (in fact, there is a wonderful one right across the street from us). Redemption Church is more contemplative and participatory. Each week we pray as a congregation, confess our sins before God, proclaim our faith through the historic creeds, spend time learning and being challenged by God's Word and partake in communion. It is a little slower, reverent in a different kind of way that speaks profoundly to some people and driven by a desire to live Kingdom First Lives for the glory of God.


You can come as you are, and you will be welcomed. Kids from kindergarten through 8th grade begin in the service with their families and are prayed for and released for their Sunday School classes just before the sermon. We feel it is important for kids to be in church worshiping with their parents and other adults. 


We meet at Pink Elementary at 10:00 am and would love to have you join us. If you have any questions, you can contact:


Jason Bowman, Rector

Tray Morgan, Executive Pastor

Nancy Harrell, Children's Pastor

Lauri Diamond, Missions and Women's Pastor

Worship Address: 3650 Overhill Dr, Frisco, TX 75033

Mailing Address: PO Box 259, Allen TX 75013