Discipleship Path

We believe Christ calls us to a life-long journey of becoming like him. He devoted himself to living Kingdom First throughout his life. He calls us to that same commitment. At Redemption our Discipleship Path takes us through each Pillar of Kingdom First living.




At the heart of living Kingdom First are three Pillars that reflect the heart of the Father and the life of the Son: 

Believe the King's love           Live the King's will           Share the King's redemption

Our mission is to equip and encourage people in all areas of life to fulfill those three Pillars because we are firmly convinced they are the framework of a Kingdom First life. How do we equip and encourage people to live out these three actions? We do it through our Discipleship Path that includes: Worship, CORE, Gatherings and Service.

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As we walk this path of discipleship, we return each Sunday to a community of saints to give honor and glory to God. In worship we are caught up in the song of heaven, exhorted by the Word of God and strengthened in the sacrament of communion. We grow in ever deepening ways in believing the King's love and finding our identity in that steadfast and unstoppable love.


10:00 am Pink Elementary



This discipleship path takes through a series of five CORE classes. Each class equips and encourages us to live Kingdom First. Through these classes we come to know in more profound ways the truth about the Kingdom of God and how to make the three pillars the foundation of putting God's Kingdom first in our lives.


9:00 am Pink Elementary



Discipleship happens in community. Jesus called 12 men to follow him. He poured his life into their lives as they poured into each other. The death of Jesus formed one new body of believers. Once per month our community gathers together to get to know each other and to do life together as a means of fulfilling our second pillar: live the King's will.


See our Ministry Guide for details.



Those who follow Jesus are invited into a life of giving to others even as Jesus did. Our last pillar in living Kingdom First is to share the King's redemption. Once per month our community gathers to live this out by serving others.


See our Ministry Guide for details.