Sermon Series

Making My Life Really Count


How can my life have real value? How can I know that I am doing something significant with my life? What does Jesus have to say about making life really count?

My Unruly Life


Sometimes life just seems really out of control. Decisions are made that impact us, but we have no say over the decisions. So many times it is easy to get frustrated when it feels as if we have no real control over our own lives. How do we deal with this? We learn a lot from the prophet Jeremiah who must deal with a nation that is out of control.

Building On The Rock


In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus lays out the foundation for living a life upon what which is solid. He gives us guiding truth to make wise decisions and to have Godly relationships. This series explores select teachings of Jesus to help us build all of our lives upon the Rock.

Why Jesus Gave His Life


What lead to the Son of God giving His life up? What were the events and decisions being made on that last day that would ultaimtely put Him on a Roman cross? What does those moments mean in our lives? This series takes a hard look at what lead to the cross and how some of those very things exist in our hearts as well.

Against All Odds


Sometimes it appears as like all is lost and there is no way of standing up underneath the weight of it all. When things appear impossible, God still promises hope. This study in the book of Esther offers assurance of God's conitnued work and power even when we stand against all odds.

Cast Your Net


When our lives are challenging, when we need answers, where is God? When we are dealing with our own shame or failings, how does God see us? Peter denied Christ. Peter was lost and confused. Peter wanted to return to his old way of life, to what he understood. Peter was tired and wanted to give up. Jesus came to Peter not to condmen him, but to restore him. Jesus never gave up on Peter even when Peter gave up. He never gives up on us either.