Preparing Our Hearts
For Resurrection by Rev Jason


Lent has become my favorite time of the year. While Lent is dark and focuses us upon self-denial, repentance and what our ancestors called "mortifying the flesh" (putting to death the sinful nature), it is a time of spiritual reflection and growth unlike any other throughout the year. In Lent we have the opportunity to concentrate more deeply than our everyday lives will typically allow. These are days of spiritual renewal and preparation to celebrate the core of the Christian faith: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


How do we celebrate Lent?


Fasting - we are asking the church as a body to practice this act of self-denial on two days during Lent (2/14 - Ash Wednesday | 3/30 - Good Friday). Along with these two days of fasting, we encourage everyone to do something daily. See the end of this email for some creative alternatives to the normal practices of giving up such things as sweets or alcohol.


Reflection - this season is intended for us to do things differently than normal, to focus on God in ways that will challenge us more deeply. There are three practices we are doing as a church that we invite everyone to be part of:

  • Make the special services of Lent a priority this season as they are specifically designed to help us prepare our hearts for Easter. Go to all of them. They are listed on our calendar with times and addresses.

  • Ask yourself daily how you will live Kingdom First on that day

  • Get the book: "Bread and Wine - Readings for Lent and Easter" - use this as a daily reflection


Prayer - during Lent, there is a huge emphasis on prayer. First, while your normal practice may not include the Daily Office, what if you made a commitment just for this season to practice the daily office every day of Lent? All you have to do is open your Redemption app and go to the prayer section. You have multiple options available to you including two audio versions you can do while driving or walking. Second, we encourage everyone to pray for two things each day during Lent: your family and an enemy.


2/14 - Ash Wednesday at Chapel Ana Villa


3/25 - Palm Sunday Worship at Pink Elem


3/27 - Seder Meal


3/29 - Maundy Thursday at Chapel Ana Villa


3/30 - Stations of the Cross at Beavers Bend Park in Frisco