From Living to Legacy


As we kick off Fall, we also fall back into normal routines that often get lost during the craziness of summer. School and family life regain the customary rhythms that carry us through the years. This series poses a question for us all to consider as life becomes more normal again.


Is our life more than just living?


If we were to be honest about who we are, what we are accomplishing, how we are living ... is it just that: "living," but nothing more? Let's go even further. Maybe we are accomplishing something. Maybe we are building a legacy, but is it a legacy that will be remembered in eternity?


What if your life could be truly remarkable? What if each and every day your life could matter and make such an impact that it would echo even into eternity?


Our series examines what the Bible teaches about what is MOST IMPORTANT in our lives to bring us from living to legacy.


Join us for this three week study beginning August 23 at Redemption Church.