What is discipleship?


Jesus said that the whole Old Testament law could be summed up in two commands: To love God and love your neighbor. Then he gave his disciples a third command: Love one another as I have loved you. A disciple is someone who follows after a master in order to be like that master. We want to be like Jesus by loving God, loving our neighbors and loving one another. In doing this, we believe we can make a real difference in our families, community and even the world.


How do we do this?


1) We train - through worship, bible studies, mentoring and Net Groups. These are ways that we can learn more about God, His Word and His calling in our lives. As we learn about Jesus we can become more like Him.


2) We go - Our calling is not just to be, but also to act. Through mission, service and sacrifice we live out our faith and immulate our Lord Jesus.


So, we "train" through various kinds of study and then we "go" into our families, communities, jobs and the world. We live for Christ by loving God, our neighbor and one another.


To get involved, please contact Fr. Jason+