What is important

Life is far too beautiful and far too short to worry about stupid things.


It is important to know how much God loves us.
It is important that you are warmly welcomed and invited to fully participate in the worship service.
It is important that your kids are loved well, taken care of and taught God's word.
It is important that we seek God together and hear from Him.
It is important that our primary purpose in a Sunday morning is to worship God.
It is important to know that at Redemption we believe everyone has something to offer.
It is important to know that we believe our mess is never bigger than his grace.

We are loved by our creator, forgiven of our sins and offered eternal life. In light of those truths certain things just don't matter that much.

Brown carpet? Red carpet? Gray carpet? Unless it's shag and baby puke green, we aren't gonna fight over it.

We aren't interested in issues that unnecessarily divide us when Jesus gave his life to unite us. Jesus made the statement, "By this all people will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" (John 13:35). It wasn't by our denomination or our style of worship or which translation of the Bible we use. Those things have meaning, but not when they divide us. 


It was our love for one another that mattered to Jesus. So, we take that seriously.

Of course we don't agree on everything, but we fight fairly and recognize we are all a mess sometimes, but Jesus still called us to love one another. So, we try to take important things seriously and things not so important not so seriously.