Lent | 2017


A season of deep and lasting change. A season of true inner searching. A season of profound enlightenment. A season of genuine connection with Christ: Lent.


Beginning Ash Wednesday, Redemption Church and other churches all over the world will begin a journey from creation to fall to redemption. The people of God spend these precious days reflecting upon who we are, upon who He is and upon who He calls us to be through His life, death and ultimately his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Sermon Series


As The King Hangs On The Cross

During this reflective season, we focus our attention upon how King Jesus makes his way slowly to the cross where he will give his life for the world.


Observing Lent at Redemption


Here are the practices we will observe during this season as a congregation. You are invited to join.


We will fast in two ways during this season. First, we will give up food from morning to evening on 3/1, 3/22 and 4/14. Second, we will give up one thing throughout the entire season of Lent except Sundays (this may be desert, alcohol, TV, etc. Something important to you that will be a sacrifice).


Special Congregational Celebrations

Part of the impact of this season is the community touch points that lead us through it: Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Stations of the Cross. These special time help us connect in profound ways to the life and Christ and experience the power of Lent.

Dates For Lent

March 1

A day of fasting 

7:00 pm Ash Wednesday service at Chapel Ana Villa


March 13

First Prayer Vigil 

March 23

Second Prayer Vigil and a day of fasting halfway through Lent


April 6

Final Prayer Vigil

April 9

Palm Sunday Service at 10 am


April 13

7:00 pm Maundy Thursday Service at Chapel Ana Villa

April 14

A day of fasting

Biblical Stations of the Cross at 12:00 pm and 6:30 pm


April 16

Easter celebration at 10:00 am


What is Lent?


While it is true that the observance of Lent is no where directly commanded or referenced in Scripture, neither is it ever forbidden. More importantly, early testimony of the church confirms its practice from such early leaders as Irenaues (203 AD), Athanasius (373 AD) and Cyril (444 AD). It's origins are ancient, likely going back to the Apostles.


The word Lent comes from a Latin term meaning 40th. The English word Lent means "spring" coming from a German word that meant "to lengthen" as the days get longer in the Spring. However, the most important thing to understand is that Lent is a special season focused upon: prayer, repentance, fasting, self-denail, alms and ultimately preparation for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Lent turns all our attention upon the Passion of Jesus Christ.


In this special time, we are reminded through the Biblical practices of fasting, prayer, self-denial and reflection that we are dust, that we have sinned and that only through the sacrifice of Jesus and his resurrection do we have any hope.


Join us in observing a Holy Lent and prepare your heart for celebrating the great defeat of death and sin in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.