We are imperfect men and women seeking to be what God has redeemed us to be through His power. Though we are imperfect, we serve a perfect God who loves, forgives, heals and gives great meaning to life. We are a community of people trying to make a difference because Jesus made a difference in our lives.

Father Bryan Biba

Father Andy Bracken

Interim Rector

Assisting Priest and CFO

Jason and his wife Erin have 4 children. Jason has a degree in New Testament from Dallas Theological Seminary and has additional training in Spiritual Formation through Ashland Seminary. He enjoys reading, sports and being with his family.

Andy and his wife Sheila have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Andy has a degree from Trinity Seminary. He loves food, both cooking it and eating it. He enjoys sports and being with friends.

Deacon Sandra Rios Doria

Assisting Deacon

and LEM

Sandra and her husband Clark enjoy sharing life with their adult children and grandchildren. Sandra is a hospice and hospital chaplain and loves ministering to those in need. 

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